Those of us at Pagosa Medical Group believe that transparent pricing is the only way to make intelligent decisions about your health care dollars.  In compliance with new Colorado law, Transparency in Health Care Prices, the Pagosa Medical Group is proud to make its cash pricing available to the public.  Now you can see for yourself that we not only strive to provide the highest quality healthcare in Pagosa but are also the best VALUE!

Below are our top 15 most commonly performed services and their corresponding cash pricing:

Screening Colonoscopy
    (Includes surgeon consultation)
Upper Endoscopy
Basic Urgent Care walk-in visit
DOT Physical
Annual Check-up
Surgeon Consultation
Any Ultrasound
    (Including prenatal)



Cholesterol Check
Hemorrhoid Banding
Thyroid Biopsy
Breast Biopsy
    (Includes surgeon consultation)
Hormone Pellet Placement



(**If pathology services are required, it is $70 per specimen.)

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